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 Oggetto del messaggio: What will you be when you grow up ?
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Do you remember when you were a child? That time as a little padawan where all dreams were possible? And when older people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Do you still remember?

What will you be when you grow up?

I had several options... From a firefighter, astronaut Phone Number List and F1 driver to even a popsicle seller, it didn't matter what it was, all I had to do was dream and everything seemed to become real. It was so simple, wasn't it? So why do dreams just disappear when we become adults? It seems like somewhere we turned off the switch and gave up on what would bring us the most joy, as if it never had any meaning.

But why? Is it fear of the uncertain? The responsibilities? Family? Neighbors? What? If we analyze the dreams chosen in childhood, many were dangerous, others heroic, but they all brought happiness. Ever. And this makes me think: Why do we stop looking for the limit, to stay at more or less? Marketers aside, was this really your dream?

Time to stop and think…
Paaaaara… stopping… stopping… take a deep breath… one, two, three… #minipause

If the question remains the same, think with me zero two... when did you forget? When did you stop thinking about what your life was going to be? Or what do you want from her? What is your big dream?

Stop and grab these answers. Come on… without fear, shame or limits, tell me out loud… what do you want? What were you born to be? What is yours, only yours, personal, non-transferable… #contalogo

If you are an Alice, don't worry because for those who don't know where they want to go, any path will do.
Now, if you know the way, cooooore! Me, you, your uncle, each one lives a different life, with different values ​​and chooses different paths. Whatever it is, growing up and stopping dreaming shouldn't be one of those paths. Never, but never.

Want another example? Imagine yourself five years from now somewhere… what will you be doing? With whom? Where? Happy? Or doing the same thing? Think… listen to yourself. Where will you be? Now add five more, five more, ten more… 50 years in the future. Add 50, my friend, forget all this talk about retirement, imagine your children walking around you. Can you see? And the wrinkles? Of victories, achievements and defeats, can you see? And where, all this time, did you fight for your dream?

As an exercise, try writing down your childhood dreams. At least 3 of them. And think if anyone would make you happy. You might be really shocked by the result. And keep calm, tidy your room first and the next one will be much easier.

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